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6 Reasons You Need Our Ready-To-Wear Saree in Your Life

1 minute ready to wear saree

Nothing can ever match the elegance of a saree. But, the struggle of draping, pleating, and carrying a saree is real! This is why you’d fall in love with the Binks Ready-To-Wear Saree. It is exactly like the name sounds – a saree that can be worn instantly! If you’re someone who has a dozen beautiful […]

Easy to wear saree glamour of readymade sarees : Fashion Hub

easy to wear saree

Sarees have the majestic quality of garnishing and enhancing the looks of a lady up to acme. Every girl desire to drape a saree at least once, mainly when it comes to Indian girls, and imagine how’d she will look in that saree. In Indian culture, a saree can be drape in multiple styles differing […]

7 Happening Looks For Diwali 2022

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what does the word mean to you? A festival or more- like a vacation, time for long-pending social hours, or a time for complete relaxation? To me, and I guess many of us- the word Diwali brings visions of a tedious home clean-up! Buy  online dresses, lehenga choli, kurti and pent and Kurti Sharara. It […]

Patola Silk Sarees: An Investment Drape From Gujarat

patola silk sarees

Patola Sarees patola silk sarees are exquisite sarees from Patan, Gujarat, traditionally woven for royalty only. The fineness of the fabric and complex weaving technique used made these sarees very expensive which is why only the richest merchants and noblewomen were able to afford them. To this date, the true Patola saree takes anything between […]

Chiffon Sarees to Freshen Up Your Summer Wardrobe


Chiffon, a light, airy and translucent fabric, is the ideal choice for sweltering summers. This fabric is made of tightly twist yarns comprising very fine threads. A chiffon saree is one of the most popular products made out of this fabric. The elegance in the drape of a well-made chiffon saree is unparalleled. Having gained […]