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Elegance, femininity, and an aura of sophistication are often symbolized by a Saree (or sari). The main reason why this type is well-liked is the feature that gives this collection the ability to accent the silhouette perfectly. What’s more, the tailored silhouette of this outfit can be manipulated, or elongated, to provide choice and variety.

Buying a saree from online shopping (साड़ी ऑनलाइन) is a thrilling adventure, and at Laxmistyle, we make sure the experience stays that way. This six-yard coverage varies in size, shape, and pattern online. When you have to celebrate some special event in your life, the suiting selection can definitely be found in that Laxmistyle store.

The variety in Laxmistyle collection is beyond representation as everyone will find themselves in it. Does being a cultural minor seem out to you? Every variety of saris is on offer in our Kanjivaram and Banarasi section to arouse your craving. Want to infuse class and chicness into your wardrobe choices? Is it then a light, pastel-colored wormed i.e. Organza or Georgette that could be used?

Latest Collection Of Sarees


The most comfy fabric and the lightest weight of all clothes make it the perfect option for the summer.

Cotton Sarees have been among the top desire for many women due to their remarkable comfort and softness. The absorbent nature of cotton makes it suitable for not only fashion but also in beating the heat.


The most unique fabric is probably Georgette, as it is the fabric that gives the dress a “silky” feel.

The coarse texture of the material is ideal for spring, which is a season that is just starting to get warmer. The unique designs of Georgette sarees in falling look spectacular.


There has been a good reason as to why silk has been a top-notch fabric for a long time, and that is due to the fact that it shines with the elegance it can offer.

The silk fabric boasts unmatched aesthetic value with shiny and lustrous look, and still, fantastic comfort is provided which cannot be compared to anything else. Silk, being a luxury fabric, is highly preferred for festivity events like weddings.


Organza is made from organza silk that has to be created. Its the best summer sari of all hot season.

Banarasi Sarees

It is also said that the Banarasi sarees are very much adopted with the heavy zari work, their breathtaking borders and dazzling looks. In the past decade, the saris have not only caught the attention of the people of North India but also have created a global element. 

Banarasi is the biggest seller in the textile trade nowadays. If the attires are accessorized well, then these have the best party looks of all.

Paithani Sarees

The saris from Paithan, the town where the first saris were produced, are highlighted by their peacock patterns, which show on the border and the pallu. I have a soft spot for a Paithani saree, the richness of which is irresistible.

Kanjivaram Sarees

Kanchipuram silk saree is another name of the sari. It traces its origin to Southern India and is widely known all over India. 

Their silk fabrics with aptly crafted luster touches are renowned and it carries an aesthetic aura. For, silver and golden threads are usually employed in the production of this saree, Therefore, it is quite noticeable wear.

Dressing Up Sarees for Every Occasion

Day Wear/ Simple Sarees

Everyday sarees should be light and effortless to carry, that is, they should be comfortable. Breathable fabric such as cotton should be used for such sarees.

Party Wear Sarees

So, party wear sarees are just about glamour and show. It is not appropriate to conclude that one looks party ready only in western clothes. Nowadays, parties (business and personal) are not expected to see the women in smart sarees actively participating in the fun and dancing the night away. Designer silk or designer sarees that reveal the status and sophistication of the lady could be worn. Various options in designer sarees and net sarees which will give you a feeling of a celebrity are available.

Wedding Wear Sarees

Not only the bride, but also her family members and other close relatives are lovers of wedding sarees that are suitable for our traditional marriage ceremonies, and other functions surrounding it. The ones wearing Banarasis, Chikankari and Kanjeevarams could be cherry-picked by the celebratory mood.

Festive Wear Sarees

In this regard, most holidays like Diwali, Holi or Pujas are associated with the practice of wearing new sarees. Designer net or silk sarees can be donned for such an occasion. For this, wedding sarees are usually worn with a medium weight and the accessories go well with it. On the special days, kanjeeravam sarees or Bengali tant cotton sarees with broad borders can be worn to the religious festivals and Pujas.

Fancy Sarees

When a fun brunch with friends or family, or a birthday party is had, the Fancy saree is considered the best option for the women of today. One good idea is to wear designer half sarees that have two materials merged like nets, Georgettes, silk etc and drape them in different ways to suit such occasions.

The entire range of sarees for different occasions is available at Laxmistyle only. This exclusive collection of designer sarees where the appealing designer saree images will give you a good idea about the different styles can be browsed. Your favourite saree from the endless variety can surely be chosen by viewing the saree models.

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