The Lehenga Choli Every Indian Women Loves to Wear


The lehenga choli is one of the most stunning outfits that Indian women wear on multiple occasions. One of the best choices for festivals and Indian weddings, ladies love to twirl in flowy skirts and shimmery blouses.

laxmistyle is the best place for lehenga choli online shopping, where you can find many colors, patterns, sizes, and price tags. The simple motto is that there is something for every buyer. Continue reading ahead to know the latest lehenga choli that you can buy.

Why is Lehenga Choli Perfect Outfit for Weddings?

lehenga choli

Ease of movement:

A lehenga choli helps you move around with ease, be it at your wedding or your friend’s. With an airy and flare cut, one can easily sit down or get up without worrying about creases or wardrobe malfunction. Moreover, the usual stuffiness that you may feel during weddings will be unknown to you when you wear a breezy lehenga choli.

● Variety of designs:

Lehenga choli offers a bride a lot of variety in terms of design, draping, and styling that seldom other types of clothing give. From circular to mermaid-style cuts, one can choose among the best lehenga choli dress designs as per their preferences.

● Experiment with blouse:

A lehenga choli is versatile enough for you to experiment with your blouse and dupatta. You can easily wear a lehenga with a contrasting or studded blouse without looking odd.

How to Choose the Perfect Lehenga Choli for You

When choosing the perfect wedding lehenga choli, you need to consider certain factors, like the cut, your body shape, color, and the embroidery. Let us look at each in brief.



Cut off the Lehenga:

There are different types of cuts of lehengas for women to choose from when shopping online. From straight cut to mermaid cut and the quintessential circular style.

● Body shape:

Your body shape decides which cut or type of lehenga will look good on you. For instance, if you have an apple body shape, a circular cut is a better choice over the mermaid type, which will look best on hourglass figures.

● Color:

Your skin color and the color of your lehenga should go well together. Therefore, choosing a lehenga choli of the right color can elevate your outfit to a different level. For instance, you can go for dark or neutral shades if you have fair skin. Whereas, warmer colors and paler shades go suit well for dusky and dark-skinned women.

● Embroidery:

Embroidery work should be a factor to consider when choosing a bridal lehenga choli. Most brides go for skirts with heavy stones and threadwork on them. However, do not let that limit your choice and choose the one that suits your fashion sense.

What are the different types of bridal lehenga choli?

● The floral saga is timeless

Floral lehengas are excellent for both daytime events and evening functions. India typically has a hot climate where flowers can add perfectly soothing touches. Even if the celebration is abroad, flowers look gorgeous because they are associated with happiness, positivity, and hope.

Floral lehenga choli dress is available in several options such as blue, yellow, orange, pink, and more. Moreover, you may choose from big flowers as well as small flowers, according to your choice and body type.

Floral hair ideas with floral lehengas are available in plenty online. You can match the color of the outfit and the flowers you pick. Or, contrast is also welcomed to add a fresh feel.

● No bride’s lehenga is complete without red


Are you looking for a trendy wedding lehenga choli? Then, how about picking the classic red piece? You can choose from several fabrics according to the season that you need them for.

If you have a summer wedding, then georgette would be extremely comfortable while winter lehengas look fantastic in raw silk. Moreover, you do not need to stick to a plain design anymore.

Make your D-Day unique by being the center of everyone’s attention. You can choose a lightly sequinned lehenga or something that is heavily embellished. Gold against red makes a great combination.

  •  How about a subtle pink lehenga?

Find a budget-friendly bridal lehenga online at laxmistyle. You can look as ethereal as her. Remember to put similar pink roses in your hair to look like a Bollywood bride. You can add a little variation to the outfit by incorporating blue jewelry or a blue lining. Baby pink and light blue is a very classy combination that is perfect for ensuring that no one steals your thunder. Your designer lehenga choli is just a few clicks and taps away!

  • Who wants to fit in when you can stand out?

You can easily find a designer lehenga online. There are multiple lehenga choli designs to make you stand out from the crowd. Lehengas are way more comfortable and breathable than salwar suits. You can experiment with combinations, patterns, necklines, skirt shapes, back designs, and more. There is no stopping!

Moreover, you can repeat the same lehenga in multiple ways. Online tutorials can help you with several ways to drape your dupatta. Another pro tip is to mix and match. Shhh, everyone does it!

How about some frills and tassels?

Last but not least is any party-wearing lehenga choli this season complete without frills and tassels. These designs make your outfit look fuller. Best suit for those who have an extremely lean body, ruffles can instantly make you look broader and more lively.

You can choose frills, blouses, skirts, or dupattas. Dangling tassels in your blouse sleeves and dupatta ends also add a zing of adventure and fashion to your outfit. You can wear it to any reception, evening party, daytime function, cocktail night, or wedding itself. All one has to do is select the right color! It is a trending lehenga choli for girls.

Why should you buy lehenga choli online?

Buying a lehenga choli online is a boon because it is extremely convenient. You can explore a range of collections without having to step out of the comfort of your home. You can zoom in on the images and see exactly what you are buying. The model’s specifications help you to know your accurate size, and you do not need to worry about going from one shop to another to get the perfect piece. You can compare multiple pieces and then select the one you like the most.

Online sales and discounts present you with multiple opportunities to save a few extra bucks. laxmistyle, with its extensive and exhaustive collection of bridal lehengas, is a one-stop solution for all your ethnic wear problems. With affordable rates and assured product quality, you can do lehenga choli shopping online here without burning a hole in your pocket.


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